How do we work?

Myndavélarnar eru á grind sem er tengd við ljósleiðarakapal og berst myndefnið því beint til okkar um borð.

Our main tool is the Campod.  The Campod is a three-legged towed platform equipped with high-definition video and still cameras, lights, a forward looking sonar, and a positioning system.  Images are transmitted to the ship with a fibre optics cable.



When we reach a sampling station, the Campod is lowered until it is about one meter above the sea bottom, and then it is allowed to drift at a speed of 1 to 1.5 knots.  In each station we carry out a 600 m transect.  During the transect, we watch and record video in real time and take photographs.  In addition, if we see something interesting, we land the Campod on the seafloor and zoom in to get more details.